Publications by theme

1. Endogenous innovation cycles

NEW!  Two-Dimensional Constrained Chaos and Industrial Revolution Cycles

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 120 (5), e2117497120, January 2023 (with Makoto Yano). 


Leapfrogging Cycles in International Competition

Economic Theory 59, 401–433, 2015.


Endogenous Growth Cycles

Journal of Economics 91, 69–96, 2007. 


2. Culture as a fundamental cause of innovation and economic growth

NEW!  Love of Novelty: A Source of Innovation-Based Growth... or Underdevelopment Traps? (with Tat-kei Lai and Kenji Sato), Macroeconomic Dynamics, forthcoming. 


Rent-Seeking Government and Endogenous Takeoff in a Schumpeterian Economy 

Journal of Macroeconomics 72, 103399, June 2022 (with Angus C. Chu and Xiling Wang)


Novelty-Seeking Traits and Applied Research Activities

Applied Economics Letters, online published, 2019 (with Tat-kei Lai and Kenji Sato). 


Growth and Cultural Preference for Education in China

Journal of Macroeconomics 49, 192–202, September 201(with Angus C. Chu and Dongming Zhu).  


3. Monetary policy and economic growth

Inflation, Unemployment and Economic Growth in a Schumpeterian Economy 

Scandinavian Journal of Economics 123, 874–909, 2021 (Angus C. Chu,  Guido Cozzi, and Haichao Fan).


Innovation and Inequality in a Monetary Schumpeterian Model with Heterogeneous Households and Firms 

Review of Economic Dynamics 34, 141–164, October 2019 (with  Angus C. Chu Guido CozziHaichao Fan, and Chih-Hsing Liao). 


Inflation and Innovation in a Schumpeterian Economy with North-South Technology Transfer

Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking 51, 683–720, March 2019 (with Angus C. Chu Guido Cozzi, and Chih-Hsing Liao).   


Inflation and Economic Growth in a Schumpeterian Model with Endogenous Entry of Heterogeneous Firms

European Economic Review 98, 392–409, September 2017 (with Angus C. Chu Guido Cozzi, and Chih-Hsing Liao). 


4. Intellectual property rights and economic growth

Dynamic Effects of Patent Policy on Innovation and Inequality in a Schumpeterian Economy 

Economic Theory 71, 429–1465, 2021 (Angus C. ChuSushanta MallickPietro Peretto, and Xilin Wang). 


Patents, R&D Subsidies and Endogenous Market Structure in a Schumpeterian Economy

Southern Economic Journal 82, 809–825, 2016 (with Angus C. Chu and Lei Ji). 


Effects of Economic Development in China on Skill-Biased Technical Change in the US 

Review of Economic Dynamics 18, 227–242, 2015 (with Angus C. Chu and Guido Cozzi) 


The Struggle to Survive in the R&D Sector: Implications for Innovation and Growth

Economics Letters 121, 26–29, 2013.


Patentability and Knowledge Spillovers of Basic R&D

Southern Economic Journal 79, 928–945, 2013 (with Angus C. Chu). 


Private Defense of Intellectual Properties and Economic Growth 

International Journal of Development and Conflict 1, in Special Issue in Honor of Murry C. Kemp, 355–364, 2011 (with Taro Akiyama and Makoto Yano). 


On the Optimal Mix of Patent Instruments

Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 35, 1964–1975, 2011 (with Angus C. Chu). 


Intellectual Property Protection and Innovation: An Inverted-U Relationship

Economics Letters 109, 99–101, 2010. 


Intellectual Property Rights and Appropriability of Innovation 

Economics Letters 103, 138–141, 2009 (with Taro Akiyama). 


The Protection of Intellectual Property Rights and Endogenous Growth: Is Stronger Always Better? 

Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 31, 3644–3670, 2007.


Innovation, Standardization, and Imitation in the Product Cycle Model

Economics Bulletin 6 (13), 1–10, 2006. 


5. Other topics on innovation and economic growth

Should the Government Subsidize Innovation or Automation?

Macroeconomic Dynamics, forthcoming (with Angus C. Chu,  Guido Cozzi, and Chih-Hsing Liao). 


Minimum Wages, Import Status, and Firms' Innovation: Theory and Evidence from China

Economic Inquiry 59,  441–458, January 2021 (Angus C. ChuZonglai Kou, and Xueyue Liu). 


Tourism, Capital / Labor Inflow, and Regional Development 

International Advances in Economic Research 25, 221–233, May 2019 (with Kenji Kondoh and Shigemi Yabuuchi). 


Unions, Innovation, and Cross-Country Wage Inequality  

Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 64, 104118, 2016 (with Angus C. Chu and Guido Cozzi).  


Market Quality and Market Infrastructure in the South and Technology Diffusion 

International Journal of Economic Theory 10, 139–146, 2014 (with Makoto Yano).


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Political Fragmentation versus a Unified Empire in a Malthusian Economy (with Angus C. Chu and Pietro Peretto) が, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization にアクセプトされました. (2024年4月)

日経ビジネスの「グローバル・インテリジェンス」に矢野誠氏 (京都大学経済研究所特任教授) との共著記事「産業革命サイクル生む「市場の質」 好循環生み出す政策を」が掲載されました! (2023年5月)

Two-Dimensional Constrained Chaos and Industrial Revolution Cycles (with Makoto Yano), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 120 (5), e2117497120 が公刊されました (2023年1月)